About Us

Welcome! Come see our creative and innovative picture cards for emerging readers, right-brained learners, English learners, and more!


To help right-brain children learn to read and spell sight words & homophones in a fun and effective way!

Company Overview

An innovative and exciting new start-up to research and create series of educational products for right-brained learners with learning differences such as dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/HD. Also great for emerging readers and those seeking to develop vocabulary and conversational skills along with reading and spelling.


I See, I Spell, I Learn - Picture Sight Words is a highly effective way to teach sight words & homophones to dyslexics, right-brained learners and emerging readers. Designed by a dyslexia tutor, these cards allow children to use their right brained strengths to recall a picture as opposed to struggling through left-brain challenges to recall the letters themselves.

Children take far less time learning sight words & homophones using I See, I Spell, I Learn picture cards.

General Information

Reading and spelling sight words require entirely different processing in the brain; these cards are the only ones that are designed to do both! 

These picture cards help the child read with a picture cue that relates to the meaning of the word. Not only is the picture tied in to the meaning, it is also put into context for comprehension when the parent/tutor reads out the sentence from the back of the card while the child looks at the picture. 

And the most unique feature about these cues is that the picture actually has something to do with the shape of that tricky letter. Now when the child has to remember that letter, he can tap into his right-brain strength and recall the picture which will tell him what letter it is because it has the same shape. For the first time, spelling sight words can be fun! 

The cards are simple, uncluttered and fun for the child to use. 

No extensive training or manual is required to use these cards. Any parent can use these cards at home with their children. It can also easily be incorporated into an Orton Gillingham or other specialized Reading & Spelling program for tutors.