Short Vowel eWorkbook 3 - Download (For Barton Students)

Short Vowel eWorkbook 3 - Download (For Barton Students)
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Right Sound Phonics™ - SHORT VOWEL WORKBOOKS - For Barton Students

WORKBOOK 1 -  Use in Barton Level 2 for the indicated lesson. 

The thirteen worksheets in Workbook 1 are as follows:
Use Worksheet 1-1 after Barton Level 2, Lesson 1 (ex: bat, mat, map) 
Use Worksheets 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5 after Level 2, Lesson 2 (ex: cat, pig, ran) 
Use Worksheets 1-6, 1-7, 1-8 after Level 2, Lesson 3 (ex: log,  fan, dig)      
Use Worksheets 1-9, 1-10, 1-11, after Level 2, Lesson 4 (ex: quit, box)   
Use Worksheets 1-12, 1-13 after Level 2, Lesson 5 (ex: beg, quiz, win, fox)  

(Please note: To provide extra practice on just vowels and consonants, digraphs are not introduced till Workbook 3.)

WORKBOOK 2 - CVC words with all the 5 short vowels and all consonants. (Example: dog, cat, hit, beg)
After Barton Level 2, all 5 vowels, no digraphs.

WORKBOOK 3 - Introduction of Digraphs (Two letters making one sound:  ch, ck, th, sh, wh) (Example: bath, chip, rash)  These worksheets have words with short vowels and digraphs.  - After Barton Level 2, all 5 vowels and digraphs.

WORKBOOK 4 -  Introduction of Blends (Two consonants together, each making its own sound)
This workbook is divided as follows: 

- End Blends  (Example: belt, hand, gift, milk) Worksheets 1-4 - Barton Level 3, Lesson 1
The first 4 worksheets have words with all 5 short vowels, digraphs, and end blends (blends at the end of the word).

- Beginning Blends  (Example: crab, plan, truck) Worksheets 5-12 - Barton Level 3, Lesson 2

The last 8 worksheets have words with beginning blends. It is more difficult for children to read consonant blends at the beginning of a word, and that is why there are more worksheets provided to practice this skill.  A child should not move on to Workbook 5 (Mixed Blends) until the words from Workbook 4 can be read fluently. 

WORKBOOK 5 -  Mixed Blends
Blends on both ends of a word (Example: spend, blunt) -
Worksheets 1-3 - Barton Level 3, Lesson 3
Three letter blends and digraph blends (Example: scrub, drench)-  Worksheets 4-12  - Barton Level 3, Lesson 4.



1. These workbooks are available in both pdf digital and printed forms.

2. The pdf digital file is available for download up to seven days from the date of purchase. Please make sure you download it onto a computer where you can print from.

3. The printed version is on dry-erase laminated sheets, which are resuable for multple uses. 

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