Picture Sight Words - Flash Cards - Set 1

Picture Sight Word Flashcards See the picture, Get the word!
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These picture sight word cards are the first cards designed to help right-brained learners SPELL sight words, in addition to helping them read and understand the words in context.

Having a picture cue in the word helps the child read, because the visual cue relates to the meaning of the word.  Not only is the picture tied in to the meaning, it is also put into context for comprehension when the parent/tutor reads out the sentence from the back of the card while the child looks at the picture.  

The most unique feature about these cards is that they actually help the child spell sight words.  The picture cue has something to do with the shape of that confusing letter. Now when the child has to remember that letter, he can tap into his right-brain strength and recall the picture which will tell him what letter it is because it has the same shape. For the first time, spelling sight words can be fun!  

The cards are simple, uncluttered and fun for the child to look at and use. They are made of high quality cardstock with a glossy attractive protective UV coat.

One of the best features about these cards is their ease of use.  A parent can use these cards at home to teach their children. 

These Picture Sight Word flashcards can easily be incorporated into any Orton-Gillingham-based program or any Reading & Spelling program for tutors or teachers.  The repetition in these programs is excellent for dyslexic children, but in addition, the cards now give them something tangible to hold on to in their minds, greatly reducing the time it takes to master spelling and reading of these sight words.

Set 1 contains the following cards:

any, are, eat, for, from, goes, have, how, love, many, Mr., Mrs., now, of, one, out, said, say/says, she, they, to, too, two, want, you

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